US Open quarterfinals forward favoritky

NEW YORK. Women’s singles quarterfinals at the final Grand Slam tennis event of the season US Open in New York (total prize 22,668,000 USD, hard surface DecoTurf II outside) the first forwarded as a symbolic trophy advocate Belgian Kim Clijstersová. Tournament number two Clijsters defeated in the opening round of last Sunday’s fight in two former world units nenasadenú Serb Ana Ivanovic for 59 minutes smoothly 6: 2, 6: 1 and an overall fifth time will play in the area of ​​Flushing Meadows among the top eight. The winner made 12 unforced errors less than overwhelming the player of (16:28) and 70% of their first administration of the transformed points.The condition of 3: 2 in the first set Clijsters pulled a series of seven winning games. Aug permitted only game until the score 4: 0 in the second act, when its release administration. Immediate rebrejkom but virtually he decided on his triumph. Clijsters will wait for the winner of the duel Samantha Stosurová (5 Aus.) – Jelena Dementievová (12-Rus.)

Dvadsaťsedemročná Belgian was last year after a two-year break caused by the parent breaks a sensation champion New York since earlier in the year 2005, and the celebrated overall victory at US Open draws along with Sunday’s triumph has a series of 18 victorious duels in a row.For the last time in the United States championship, she played in the final in 2003, when she beat Justin Henin and has a total of 34 victories – 5 defeats in the US Open. It is still true that she has never played with a player outside the Top Ten on the US Open.

“After a cautious introduction, when I had to adapt my game and especially wind conditions, I began to play more aggressively, to enter the court and to dictate the pace, as well as defensive positions,” Clijsters said.An Schiavone and

is the Sovereign round its way Italian singles tennis player Francesca Schiavoneová (pictured AP). Six Tournament lottery ticket Schiavone in the Qualifying round 4 for 68 minutes consulted Anastasiou Russian Pavlyuchenkova attached as twentieth 6: 3, 6: 0th Only 19-year-old Russian tennis player played a poor winning 5 strokes while unforced errors on her account was 29.

This year’s sensational champion Roland Garros Schiavone forwarded among the top eight in New York for the second time, but after a long seven years . Last year was the ceiling just eight. In the women’s singles competition figures still five Grand Slam víťaziek past.Aug 30-year-old Schiavone will be Venus Williamsová (USA-3). Tenth round Venus

After Clijsters fought to advance to the next round twice champion Venus Williamsová in the past (pictured AP). Seeded three and last in the American Competition V. Williamsová defeated Shahar Peer Izraelčanku deployed as the sixteenth excellent match level for 114 minutes 7: 6 (3), 6: 3rd Since June thirty years Venus Williamsová again slightly improved its balance sheet at the US Open, when the twelfth participation has fought its way through the tenth time in the quarterfinals.Dvadsaťtriročná Peer match for your New York maximum, which since 2007 just quarterfinal

In one of the best matches of the prior during the tournament, both the players perfectly cope with windy conditions and they performed from beginning to end coercive tennis. American favored ultimately proved successful thanks to higher quality service and a bit more aggressive expression. With the score 5: 2 in the second set, while the older of the Williams sisters not maintained submission, but subsequently pure play when servicing confirmed grueling process. Winner dominated the aces of 6: 0, and the winning return (28:20). Peer defeating even in the sixth mutual fight with Venus Williams neuhrala set. Women’s Singles – 4thround (eight):

Kim Clijstersová (2-Bel.) – Ana Ivanovičová (SRB.) 6: 2, 6: 1

Francesca Schiavoneová (6-Tal.) – Anastasia Pavľučenkovová (20 Rus.) 6: 3, 6: 0

Venus Wiliamsová (3-USA) – Šahar Peerová (16-ISR.) 7: 6 (3), 6: 3