US Open can succeed especially Slovak juniors

BRATISLAVA. Our tennis players already know a draw at the US Open, which is due to their latest results quite favorable.

Daniela Hantuchová fought through a Ranking position of 24th place among deployed. In the first round, however, it is waiting for former world number one Dinara Safinová, who beat her in the first round of the tournament in New Haven after the outcome twice 7: 6, New York played two years ago in the semifinals. Favorable ticket Cibulková

Improved ticket got Dominika Cibulková. The challenge and Swiss Stefanie Vögeleovú.It could then break the series of attempted results, though last month she won just one match in singles.

“At the US Open I am not advocating any points, because last year I was injured. In matches I go with a clear head, “said the SME Cibulkova.

” Daniele and Dominica were recently failing, but got quite acceptable ticket and have a chance to practice, “he commented ticket a former Slovak tennis unit Radka Zrubáková. Dominika Cibulková wants to overcome the US Open a bad period

The results are among the best as expected especially from junior tenistiek.Jana Čepelová with Chantal Škamlová pointed to the recent Youth Olympics in Singapore won the Silver medal in doubles that rightly belong to the narrower tip.

Čepelová defends eight in singles and in doubles with his deblových was a partner in the semifinals. “We definitely want to go higher by at least one round and doubles would like to Chantal very happy win and continue in January’s victory at the Australian Open,” said tenth tennis player junior rankings.

From junior waiting for good results and Zrubáková that no longer works as a trainer and also has experience with young players.

“Chantal reached this season the best results in his career, so has a chance to succeed.Janka again starting to play well among women, where gaining greater insight. Anyway, both among the better in junior tennis, “said a former player of the top 30 world rankings. The success experienced

Čepelová with Skamlova have prerequisites to succeed especially in doubles, where achieving long-term good results.” In Deblov are Well coordinated, play together longer, which is their advantage, since junior tip slowly focuses more on the senior tour, “said Zrubáková.

The women’s tennis in recent years the trend has changed.They come to the foreground more experienced players, while in the past were also in the top ten teenage girls either Švajčiarka Hingisová, Czech and sisters and Williams. Junior Jana Čepelová would like to succeed in singles and doubles

“There is a limit shifted upwards. In women’s tennis he works a few younger girls, but not among the elite.The exception is only twenty years Caroline Wozniacka, who will be in the absence of Serena Williams in New York attached unit, “said the winner of three tournaments of categories WTA.

According Zrubáková related to changes in women’s tennis and greater physical strength player wore, but is not the main cause.

“tennis player longer it takes to be replanted. young players need to retrain a number of hours, which was fifteen or sixteen catch not. volumes trainings that were able once was, now is not enough. “