UEFA went on to deal with Platini

GENEVA. On Thursday, delegates from the member states met in Nyon’s European Football Union (UEFA) headquarters to de facto decide on the fate of Michel Platini’s president.

France has been halted by the FIFA’s ethics committee for a 90-day, $ 2 million frankbreaking income in 2011.

It was allegedly an additional bonus For the job of FIFA President Seppa Blatter, who also put out of office for 90 days.Platini for the punishment can not be personally present at a quarterly extraordinary meeting.

Most delegates expect to know more about the case so they can take their stand.

“I would like to receive more information because it has not been so far,” said Dan Allan Hansen, who told Ekstra Bladet on Monday that if Platini does not make a written bonus contract, To support it.

“We need more information, more details,” rumbled the president of the Romanian Football Federation Razvan Burleanu.

Honorary President of UEFA and Platini’s predecessor, Lennart Johansson, sat at the time of the French advisory in UEFA and did not know the deal.

“I never heard of it.Michel is one of my friends, I respect him as President of UEFA, but if things are true, then things will happen. I doubt that he could continue to function in that case. We are talking about the position of a leader in the world’s most widespread sports sector. Corrupt people can not lead us. But I do not want to condemn him beforehand, “said the 85-year-old Swede.

Platini is also a FIFA presidential candidate in the early elections, announced on February 26, 2016. UEFA should take a stand Continue to support the campaign.

“Today, the decision must fall.I’m thinking we need a European candidate, “said Burleanu.

The only one who openly expressed unconditional support to the president of UEFA is his friend and former teammate of Juventus Turin Zbigniew Boniek. I will stand on his side. We are friends for life on death, “said the president of the Polish Football Association.