Trpišovský longs for Karabakh to correct the loss of Jablonec

Liberec football players can keep their hopes on the game in the last but one of the European League main goal, but coach Jindřich Trpišovský is taking the game mainly as the opportunity to render weekend high defeat 0: 3 in derby in Jablonec.

“The motivation for tomorrow is enormous, and I did not manage to win the home match in the European League team and we have the last chance tomorrow, because I have the worst result of my work in Liberec, it is a great disgrace for us. , Both the players and the coaches.The only thing we can do is to fix it at least partially and win it tomorrow, “Trpišovský said at a news conference tomorrow.

The team together with coach coaches tried to put together psychologically after the debacle in Jablonec. > “I think we’ve been doing the best we could since Saturday. We have already shown several times that we are fighters when I do not count on the Jablonec game, where we showed our face away. We’ll do our best to do it tomorrow, “said Trpišovský.

Lost from Jablonec still worries him a lot. ” It is not possible to forget something like that if I tried to forget , So work. I was overwhelmed by preparation for Karabakh. In addition, I had a duel with Jablonec about five times, I wanted to see different game situations thoroughly.Then I watched the last five Karabakh matches and still a draw match with Pilsen that they played, “said a coach.

His team is the only one on the bottom of the group. And at the same time hope that Karabach will not even get a point. “It was a great success for us to get into the group. We have secured the club’s budget and the group’s games are still being taken over as a superstructure, at the same time it is a great prestige, and it’s about money. If we can make Karabach difficult today, we will only be glad, “said Trpišovský.

In the opening match at Karabakh, the Azerbaijan champion settled in the 93rd minute. Baku was different because we were just after the European League Championship, which we were up against. We were in euphoria.We remember the match incongruously, the game was very challenging not only for us but also for our opponents. From this game, we’re a little bit confused, “Trpišovský said.

” Now the situation is a bit different. We solve a lot of injured, and in the last duel we lost the rival from Jablonec. We are not in the best position and we want to improve it, “added a coach forty years.

His team must improve the offensive, with nine goals the worst attack of the Czech league. , Paradoxically, it makes us better in the European League than in the league. Each player will tell you that if he / she is fine, he / she solves the situation differently and better. These things are done on a continuous basis, we have different shooting exercises, we talk about it, we make the situation.The player in the field needs to be cool enough to score the goal. We know that just scored goals are alpha and omega result, “added Trpišovský.