The Spaniards won the fifth Davis Cup, Nadal decided

SEVILLA. Spanish tennis players became online betting offers the winners of the Davis Cup of Men’s Rep. After the opening Sunday’s doubles, they lead the 3-1 draw in the final at the clay in Seville over Argentina.

The decisive third point for Spaniards was given by Rafael Nadal, who defeated Juan Martino del Potra in a stunning dueling of teams after a four-hour foursquare battle of 1: 6, 6: 4, 6 : 1 and 7: 6 (0). From the fifth prize of the Davis Cup, the Spanish enjoy. See Photo Gallery & gt; & gt; Not even a fourth attempt

For the fourth time, the Argentine was unable to get the salty “salad bowl”.Three years ago at home in Mar del Plata, a very valuable trophy was defeated by the Spaniards, who then joined without Nadal. The South Americans did not succeed in the previous two finals in 2006 and 1981. On the contrary, the Spanish team won the third daviscup triumph in the metropolis of Andalusia over the last four years.The sports personality betting victorious series of captain Alberto Costa was interrupted last summer in the Serbian Serbian Arena in his midfield with the world unit Novak Djokovic.

Nadal enjoyed Sevilla from the profits of the Davis Cup trophy in 2004, two years ago he earned a decisive defeat in Barcelona for a smooth victory over the Czech.

Nadal after triumph over del Potrom was radiant with satisfaction. “The Davis Cup win at home is the finest conclusion of the season that a tennis player can imagine, and I thank fans in Seville for creating a great atmosphere, I have never played before, it was something amazing. Very complicated.One of the breaking moments was the start of the second set when I missed the action, but I replied to the rebre, which helped me a lot and delivered a lot of strength to the next course of the match, “Nadal said in the first interview straight on the court.

Spanish captain Albert Costa was very pleased. “It was a much harder final than two years ago against the Czech Republic, where we managed 3: 0 after the 4th. Nadal and del Potro have made fantastic tennis today and have confirmed that they are no one of the world’s top players. For the first time, I’ve advised Raf to try to go more into the court and play more aggressively. Change of tactics took place. Rafa is simply Rafa, he has again won two points and confirmed the position of the team leader. “Nadal defending Nadal Rafael Nadal will not appear in the 2012 season in Spain’s daviscup team.He was acclaimed for acclaim at the London Olympics. “I find it impossible during the Olympic season,” Nadal said at the 2012 Davis Cup 2012 start of the championship and added that despite his absence, he was perceiving the Spanish team as a retired trophy.

The Spaniards will begin February 10-12 in the world’s first round of the eighth round against Kazakh.

Former world ranking leader Nadal, currently second in retirement, was in the winning team in the final third time. In 2008, he was absent in the Argentinean Mar del Plate, rejoicing in the 2004 and 2009 seasons.For the first time, however, he has reached the decisive third point. Spain – Argentina 3: 1 In the opening glory of the duel with del Potrom, he managed to break the Argentinean submission, but the US Open winner of 2009 began to play a great offensive tennis, won six games in a row and won the opening set In their favor.

At the start of the second game, del Potro took a 1-0 lead after a quick break, but Nadal immediately countered what was one of the key moments of the match. Spaniel gained assault, began to score more from the dreaded forhende and after the break in the tenth gem became the second set of his spoils.

Nadal got to the horse and in the third set allowed to play Potrovi only a single gem.In the fourth period, Roland Garros, the six-time champion, had twice to beat, but he could not confirm it once again and lost 3: 5 after another loss in eight. However, the “King of the Cucumis” struggled in the next few minutes, forcing a mysterious throne in which he clearly dominated.

In the 6: 0 status, the first mebbal and the speculative triumph of Spanish colors turned the winning forhende at his own service. Media Feedback:

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