Sovereign Fury: Clash with the Kick? It will be the lightest match of your career

The picture is about giant. Boxer Vladimir Klicko goes back to defend world titles WBO, WBA and IBF. Brit Tyson Fury stands in the way. He is unbeaten, extremely self-confident and although weighed only 450 grams at birth, he now has 120 pounds and measures 206 centimeters. The ring in Düsseldorf on Saturday night (21.00, PP Nova Sport 2) will see the nineteenth heavyweight king’s defense, which may be more complicated than the previous.

Vladimir Klicko has built a colossal respect in recent years. A total of 63 victories, plus 79 percent thanks to a knockout. The winning line of almost 12 years, of which nine and a half years in the role of heavy weight champion. Although the speech of the Ukrainian machine on triumphs is not very attractive, few people in the boxing environment now claim to be boring.For this reason, 55,000 spectators will arrive in the Düsseldorf arena. Strictly effective style, great tactics, and excellent fitness at the forties of the forties cause general admiration.

One of the few people who have a different opinion is Tyson Fury. He is intelligent and certainly able to box despite gigantic proportions (120 kg, 206 cm). They did so despite the fact that he was born at the end of the sixth month of pregnancy and weighed only 450 grams. The doctors did not give him much chance of survival, and in his youth, hallucinations were terrible. “But I was always a fighter,” says Fury.

Its extra arm range is 216 cm – 10 times more than the two-meter Loop.Therefore, it is expected that the Ukrainian boxer professor will have to fight him differently than before. He was also preparing for training camp with his older brother Vitalija, the former champion and current mayor of Kiev.

Fury wants to make the most of the advantage of the tower and looks for other weapons. He makes a show, trying to make a king out. Just like a lot of men in front of him. In the last month when the WBO championship, WBA and IBF have made a big promotion, it has shown a lot.

“If this is the hardest career match?On the contrary, he is the lightest, “he announces in the world from the time he put the fate of Joker in the Batman’s costume at the press conference and prophesied the same fate to the famous shooter.

This week, during the open training session for the public, He is also a good singer. He took the microphone and edited the song Bette Midler, entitled Wind Beneath My Wings, to which he composed the words “I’ll be the one with the master bands”.

“If I competed in singing, With an eye to Kliko, who is expected to prolong the domination. “I’m calm because of one thing. While he looks like a great fighter on the outside, but such people are actually weak.He does not know himself, so he will not know what tactics to use. “

Fury’s reaction? “In fact Klicko will learn. I will teach him what happens when an old man opposes a strong young man. “