Slovan attracts the league with its backgrounds, attractions and the future

Both teams could expand the players’ field in the 2015/2016 season. EBEL officials are preparing a new year schedule with twelve, thirteen and fourteen teams. Thirteen and Fourteen

There are currently twelve clubs that have also declared a start in the next year, but in the days to come, information on problems in Dornbirn has appeared.

In addition to the Austrian teams, teams from the Czech Republic (Znojmo), Hungary (Fehérvár), Slovenia (Olimpija Ljubljana) and Italy (Südtirol Bolzano – defender of the first) are also participants in EBEL.

“We are talking about the possible entry of the 13th and 14th players, but we are also prepared for an alternative with only twelve teams as we have done so far. We would like our Slovan Bratislava to play in our competition.We would welcome him, “said EBEL President and Secretary General of the Austrian Olympic Committee Peter Mennel.

” The Slovak ice hockey has a rich history and the world’s leading venue. At this moment, we are only interested in Slovakia about the Slavs. It is all the matter of the negotiations, however, we do not want to talk about their progress and details through the media until the final conclusion is reached. For us, the mid-April is an important date – then we would like to know the next season. “

” The chance to continue with KHL is still, but really very little. It would have to be a miracle, “admitted the general manager of Slovan Maroš Krajči and continued:

” We are in the phase when we get information about EBEL and we meet with the officials of this competition.We will see what the conditions will be, then we will prepare the documentation for our board of directors, which could be decided by the end of March. “EBEL was formed on the basis of the original Austrian top prize in 2003, the transnational became four years later. Today the hockey product market in five countries is on the market with 30 million potential fans and wants to be expanded.

The competition has strong marketing and TV partners and has a good name, with a marketing value of 35 to 45 Million euro, which is incomparably more than the Slovak Tipsport extraliga.

The current list of competitions represented by the Lige champions ended this season on 3.Place behind Swedish SHL and Finnish Liiga. In EBEL, the number of viewers is growing steadily, with 1,15 million fans coming to the stadium in the previous year. Attractions and Youth

The league has a professional management as well as its own security department. For fans, many competitions are under way, open-air matches in Pula, Budapest or Klagenfurt, which this year saw in the 30,000 spectators.

For players under the age of 18, they created the Erste Bank Juniors League, which has seventeen teams from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.Youngstars League, with 14 participants from Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia, is determined for the 20s.

For young people under the age of 16, the European Rookie Cup project is now launching. EBEL is among the founding members of the Champions League.

“In this competition, we would not risk similar escapades like KHL, playing in five countries, there is a stable market and marketing, but it’s also a sporting aspect, and we have to consider other issues,” Krajci said. Next meeting April 21

In addition to the board of directors, the Executive Committee of the Slovak Ice Hockey Association will also decide on the future of Ice Hockey.

The Executor has another meeting on April 21st.If the Bratislavians decided to return to the Tipsport extraligy or continue the KHL, they would not need any VV approval. In the case of another competition, the Slovak hockey leadership must be kicked off.

“We are also communicating with the Executive Committee, and we will see how it will be decided, and it is now half of March, no one knows what will be in April.” The Executive Committee decides how it decides and we will have to respect it. Maroš Krajči added.