Overtaking Djokovic for Tennis Classic will be very difficult

BRATISLAVA. The four-hour Wednesday night of Novak Djokovic will be difficult to overcome, the organizers of the Tennis Classic in Bratislava also agreed.

The four-thousand-inch aspect of the Serbian tennis player was thrilling. His coach Marian Vajda, ATP Newcomer Martin Klizan and former Slovak daviscup representative Dominik Hrbatý were well trained.

“The exhibition captivated me,” he pleaded with his teammates and the popular Nole audience. “I last played here in 2008 in the Davis Cup. I’d like to go here more often. Especially because of Maroš Vajda. “

Djokovic said he felt at home in Slovakia.From Bratislava he had to travel yesterday afternoon to the next exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, but he moved for the evening to spend the whole day with the betting account offers coach and his family. He needed a fiftin, he had it

“It was an experience for me,” praised left Kliman, the thirty-player ATP ladder. “Novak on the court has shown why he is the best tennis player in the world.”

Both singer actors presented a service, sharply exchanged, but they did not forget even the entertainment best betting offers for the audience. Klizan’s two shots broke the game, and then he played his opponent on the net. Djokovic did not even have quick legs. In the exchanges, however, Novak was more accurate, but only rarely degraded.

Several times he has presented himself with a great bekhend after a line that experts say he does not have a pair in the world.It seemed that when he needed to get a fiftin he had it. He won in two sets. Master Yoda and pupil of the Jedi

All day Djokovic was enjoying the quad, he first joined Vadim. Novak on Twitters named their pair as Master Yoda, with a pupil of Jedi, according to figures from the Star Wars.

Against the Hrbatý – Kliman couple turned from 1: 4 to the final 7: 5 and looked forward to being little children. The world’s best tennis player ended a successful year with his coach on a kneecap, in a hug.

Convenient for their over six years of cooperation.

“Maros was in the beginning of the set in stress, but then he relaxed and was already dominating the court,” the Jedi praised Yoda.

“I will remember this game long.I do not know when we will have such an opportunity again. “

Djokovic reacted to the suggestions.During the match he repeated his most popular Slovak words: “Unbelievable, hamster, a little bit, a dwarf, a skyscraper.” And after the victory, the champion sang Teslerova song: “I know what I really want, oh yeah.” Humpback in his living room < On Friday, Djokovic will prepare for Brazil for Sunday's duel with former world squad Gustav Kuerten, and football will be played in the world champions world, but there will be some time in Slovakia for his spectacular show.

“This experience is hardly repeating,” said Dominik Hrbaty.

After a long time he played in his “living room” – as he called the central court in the National Tennis Center.

“We were the best tennis player in the world.Many do not realize it, but getting a player like Djokovic is not a lot of money. Everywhere they offer huge sums. This guy comes for something special. Now Novak has done so because of his coach Vajda. “

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