Mertiňák and Polášk managed the squad, Slovaks lead 2: 1

MINSK – Slovak tennis officials are leading the 2 nd round of Play-off playoff in Group I of the Euro-African Davis Cup Men’s Cup 2: 1 Saturday afternoon in Minsk in a meeting against Belarus, p>

The closing and scarring of ongoing and effective turnover has been taken care of; & scaron; pecialists Michal Mertiň & aacute; k and Filip Pol & aacute; & scaron; ek, who & ic; (5), 7: 6 (6), 3: 6, 4: 6, and 6: 4.

The last words in the DP have been played from a 2: 1 before Sunday & scaron; years.

That day & scaron; n & yacute; is in & scaron, if you are definitely very helpfull & yacute; and the boys are sent and praised, and they praise the way they have done it. If we were 1: 2 before the lap before Sunday, we would have to win, winning in both the left and right traps, which would be very difficult and efficacious. Tomorrow we will try to succeed in the first, Luk & aacute; & scaron;

"T & CORPORATE & scaron, the creature was great dr & aacute, my last ball. In the 2: 0 set, it looked pretty good, but & acute; rusk & aacute; & acute; nature did not deny. Dom & Aacute, but they struggled and documented hard to find and scaron to properly illuminate.Before & eacute; two sets were very balanced and eacute; and I would say that Ignatik with Mirn & yacute; m easy & scaron kept the filing, but on & scaron, even in their service they overcome the hard and eacute; and they gave them self-confidence. In both of them, they were behind but docked at the end of the game and decided to decide what two balls to play. In the third and third scarons, however, they are equally scaronized, but Belarus has held it in the annual and long-lasting years, and in the past few years. have always reached a break. In the tactful chuckle, it seemed to be pretty unapproachable, gently. The fifth set was similar to yacute; on the contrary: on & scaron, and relatively difficult to keep service even through brejkbaly or matches, but in 5: 4, they are only yacute; once in the aacute, the pass was able to reach a break.They had 40: 0, finally, in scaron, if they changed to scaron, they did not say anything, they were scarons, and there was also a blessing for them. It really was a big yacute;

When we started, I do not know if it was ten degrees. Navy & Scarons, what has been done with lines & yacutes, my judges have already been kept aloof beyond the limits of service. Some centimeters but twenty to thirty centimeters were cool for them, which did not turn out to be human; to psychic. In the first two sets, we were prepared to drink and drink, but we were well served in brekballa, and the birds never had a drink; re & acute; lnu & scaron; ancu.We both were behind in the two secrets, but we felt we were in them a scaron; - We have always been given more returns to the court, we have heard the act, and we have agreed to them, and to the scaron, the blessing, finally, the extraordinary. Then I got men & scaron; iu kr & iacute; zu. We had a debt & yacute on Ignatius; gem, where I did not give a few returns and n 'aacute, I missed a service. At the start of a scaron, the set and the set again struck me, in the last gem with one edge of the balls, which are eacute; they were already star & eacute; E & scaron; we are sacrificed; what did they have? & scaron to Mirn & eacute, but Belarus played it well.In the fifth set of this it was at Mi & scaron; metal Podan & iacute; 15:40, but we held onto, and then we have the pr & iacute; & JME were more scaron; anc & iacute; we - we were 30: 0, 30:15. There were thus n & aacute; characters and at & scaron, lo it in the tenth geme when we brejkli slightly FLY him. "

Pol & aacute; & scaron; ek premise & aacute ;, the team makes use of already created a SR & uacute; situ & CORPORATE CIU "D & ocirc, located FLY it will start well on Sunday. Terms and conditions will probably not & uacute; pr & aacute; the best & scaron; s, but in a moderate and yacute, hoda is the & scaron, the ej. Bow & aacute; & scaron; is well-developed & yacute; from Friday. Has acceptable & yacute; from & aacute; pass and is in form. Ignatik would still have to be at least slightly tired & eacute ;.Nowadays str & aacute; vil somehow & eacute; & scaron; tyri the clock on the court and losing to him apparently also took psychic & eacute; forces. Verify that you already have & acute; Luky & acute; decide, and if you do not do it, so do it & acute; Klima "stop & iacute ;."

"I am happy and playful , not in a scaron, and with a score in the third and third scaron, you can see the docks of the scaron, and the couple climb up their vagabonds and, in the fifth part, it can be torn off and on both sides, it is a balanced fight.Ignatik and Mirnyi even have the ability to find out that a few mebballs, but chaquaux, balm k & uacute, sok & scaron, fortune, and finally, they are rewarded;

and quality & yacute; z & aacute; pas, who & yacute; the audience must have been aware of it.We think that we were sent to live at least one of the first two sets, but the scaron was on the Slovak side. "Ignatik said:" Naukau, jump 2: 0 to sets as scaron, their sockets ; a little bit of salvation; Unfortunately, in the fifth year again they played the album & scaron; "

The pas has begun with clocks and scans; hardwood and acrylic court with Acrylic surface in the Republic of Olympic Traffic Center after rain.After Fridays & yacute, chloro singles & CORPORATE ch the condition of 1: 1, when the first Martin Kližan lost to L & iacute; drom House & CORPORATE ClCH Ignatik for 140 minutes and uacute, t 6: 7 (9), 2: 6, 2: 6, and n & CORPORATE stream Bow & aacute ; & scaron; Lacko as guest unit & iacute; beat rovesn & iacute; lv Sergei bet for 106 minutes and uacute, t 6: 0, 6: 4, 6: 4th

nedeľňaj & scaron; & iacute; chloro singles & CORPORATE CH (9:00 CEST ) will present the Ignatik Lacko and Betov in a duel Kližan. Kapit & aacute; her t & iacute; mov Alexander & Scaron, Case and Miloslav Sword & iacute; row E & scaron; te m & ocirc; žu make changes in nominal & aacute; ci & aacute; ch.

Mertin & aacute; ka Pol & aacute; & scaron ; from the common & yacute; in DP sk & oacute; re 3: 2.Samotna & eacute; 30's & yacute; rod & aacute; k from Považská Bystrica Mertiň & aacute; k in DP zlepš & scaron; il at 14:11, of which in 8: 6 debut. Twenty-five & auml; TROCNOV & eacute; Zvolenský & yacute; rod & aacute; k & aacute; & scaron; ek m & aacute; "

The winner of the Belarus-Slovak meeting will be preserved in the continent of the continent and the rest of the continent. remain in the II.the third league in which Slovakia was last seen in 1996, and in the meantime, in 2005, it was fought until the end of the whole competition under the auspices of the Medzin & Aacute National Tennis Federation (ITF).

Sobota - & scaron:
Vladimir Ignatik, Maxim Mirnyj - Michal Mertien & aacute; & 6: 7 (6), 6: 3, 6: 4, 4: 6 at 3:53 h

Friday - singles:
Vladimir Ignatik - Martin Klizan 7: 6 (9), 6: 2, 6: 2 at 2:20 h
Sergei Betov - Luk & aacute; Lacko 0: 6, 4: 6, 4: 6 in 1:46 h

The program (s)
Sunday (9.00 CET) - Singles:

Vladimir Ignatik - Luk & aacute; & scaron; Lacko
Sergei Betov - Martin Klizan