Marry and have children are advised Wimbledon champion Djokovic

BRATISLAVA. On Sunday’s party after Wimbledon gave a joint dance with Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams. Both winners of the famous tournament recently sovereign king of the world of tennis.

If, before a few years ago said that to get four Grand Slam titles in a year is difficult, if not impossible, now only US Open is missing Serena Williams that Steffi Grafovej offset the power of the open era in 1988.

Djokovic might say the same thing – but for an unfortunate lost in the final of Roland Garros with Stan Wawrinka.US Open record by attacking Rod Laver in the years 1962, 1969.Hrá your league

“He’d never been born tennis player with such mobility, agility on the court, as a Serbian tennis player,” marveled while watching great final match Djokovic – Federer experienced coach Jan Kukal.

“In slow motion to see the doklzovanie, flexibility ankles.Novak is in motion compensated only continuation of the article belongs to premium content You too can be a subscriber annual subscription € 29 Order Save up to € 17.80, compared with a monthly subscription Quarterly subscription 9,90 € Save 1,80 € Order in compared with a monthly subscription monthly subscription of € 0.98 Book Price € 0.98 valid for new subscribers the first month.

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