Jurčo wanted NHL from the start, needs a quicker shot

BRATISLAVA. He sits on a Swedish debut in the gym, and he plays the introductory sound from the Spectacular Patrol from his loudspeaker. After a while he starts and imitates the stove as if he were saving the heater. This is how Tomáš Jurč’s summer preparation looks like.

“When the coach began to think I had this song in the ipod, we figured it out. I take it as a fun but also a form of motivation before training, “explains Jurčo SME. They believe they also noticed in Detroit. “We filled out a questionnaire for the site where I wrote that if I was not a hockey player, I would be an actor. They can now judge whether they are good, “the young man smirked.

Jurčo is preparing for the new season last month. Most focused on the shooting he was not satisfied with. “I train only on an individual basis.I practice shooting every day. I felt I needed to improve. The NHL is not even a second to mix the puck. That’s why I try to shoot hard, exactly and especially quickly. “

Yurčo took an example from the words of the strict Red Wings coach Mike Babcock, who brought Canadian representation to the second Olympic gold. Slovaks praised the physical game during the season, but he said he expects more goals. Preference has the strength

The Košický odchovaníec did not get involved in the preparation anything special. It does not matter because it is well prepared. “I’m doing functional training for exercising exercises that I combine with speed elements. I’m running less this summer because I’m doing well in this.I’m more focused on strength, so I’m not so cycling, just on stationary. “

Jurcho has also been preparing to work in the campsite of Igor Libu, where he trained with young talents. Legend of Slovak hockey marked him as a future star. “It was nice. Clearly, the kids wanted the most to show them the finty with the puck. However, I quickly evolved because I did not practice it anymore. I have shown them at least a few endings in the raids. “She remembers Demitrove goals

The young wanderer will be preparing in Slovakia until the 10th of September. At the end of August there will be ice and Košíc, and perhaps you will also take a look at exhibitions of Slovak legends and former players.Louis Blues in honor of Paul Demetri. “I have not yet looked at the specific dates when it is played. If I have a day off, then I can see. “

Just like Demritra did not see on ice, he watched his play on television.

“I personally did not recognize him, but I remember him as a great hockey player. A beautiful goal after the Russians at the Vancouver Olympics or when they scored through the NHL behind Trenčín with their legs against the Slovan or Czechs in the bronze medal at the World Championships in Helsinki are unforgettable things. He was a great hockey player. “He started better than Tatar or Nyquist.

The name was also mentioned in connection with a possible replacement from Detroit.However, Jurčo does not really care.

“I do not care at all if anything goes, so I’ll deal with it. I will do everything to get to the first Detroit team from the beginning of the season. If it did not work out immediately, I believe I will get there in the first few months. I have seen something similar in the last season. “Red Wings have three right wing signed and in August they have yet to decide whether to prolong the career of Swedish veteran Daniel Alfredsson. “These things I will not think about how many players are in my post.I have to prepare myself well enough to prove to the coach that I deserve a place in the first team, “adds a twenty-one-year-old wanderer.

The last season was unexpectedly positive for a clever attacker. Real could be expected to see the NHL for only a few matches. For the injuries of several hindwarts it was almost half the year. In his left, Jurčo left a good impression when he scored eight goals in 39 games and won seven. He also earned an invitation to the Olympic Assembly. Sochi scored one goal.

It was also praised by the Detroit media, which reminded that Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar had no better introduction to the NHL.Both were last season’s top Red Wings shooters in the base. Swede played only seventeen seven-point games in the Red Wings in the first season, and Tatar only got the chance at nine times in which he scored.