Hlohovec dropped Kristianstad from the EHF Cup qualifying

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HLOHOVEC – Handballman HC Sporta Hlohovec lost in home defeat 1.EHF Cup qualifying round 2012/2013 with Swedish IFK Kristianstad 21:28 (11:15).

football betting offers / frantisek-zatko-hc -sporta-67639.jpg “title =” František Zaťko from HC Sporta Hlohovec “alt =” František Zaťko from HC Sporta Hlohovec “height =” 86 “/> betting sites offers / cacheImg / obr /86px/hlohovec-hadzana-dusan-olejar-67649.jpg “title =” Goalkeeper Hlohovca Dušan Olejár “alt =” Goalkeeper Hlohovca Dušan Olejár “height =” 86 “/>
  •  Tomas Laho from HC Sporta Hlohovec and Ólafur Gudmundsson from IFK Kristianstad
  • The coach of Martin Lipták traveled for a shorter end even a week ago the opponent’s land (24:31), and so from the sovereign process they could have sat in the lock on Saturday night in the lobby of Kristianstad at 2.qualifying round The EHF Cup will meet another Swedish team Eskilstuna Guif (13/14/10 – 20/21/10 2012), for Hlohovec the performance on the European scene in the current year is over.

    HC Sporta Hlohovec (SR) – IFK Kristianstad (SWE) 21:28 (11:15) – first match 24:31, Kristianstad advances to 2nd qualifying round > Set and goals Hlohovca: Olejár, Žernovič, Kašťák – Mazur 4, Takac 1, Cibulka, Laho 1, Holdoš 1, Maroš Baláž 4/3, Miženko, Ľ. Ďuriš, Kasagranda 2, S. Mažár, F. Zaťko 5/1, Dudáš 3, Tallo
    Most goals for Kristianstad: Madsen 7/2, Koch 4
    : 5/4 – 3/2, exclusion: 6 – 7, decided by Buache and Meyer (both Swiss), 900 spectators

    Hlohovčania led 1: 0 and 2: 1, to 6: 2 when they used home defeats in the attack. Sports players, however, quickly spurned and scored six goals in the 16th minute 8: 6. The opponent helped them through their lack of discipline in these phases, and in the first quarter of the year he had three excluded. However, Lipták’s coach’s revelators did not care for a long time. Kristianstad took advantage of the cannons of Madsen and in the break he got a four-goal lead (15:11).

    At the beginning of the second half several times Hlohovec goalkeeper Olejár held, otherwise the fast Swedes led more than four-goal difference (17:13).The home quarter was overtaken by 16:19 at the end of the game with three exact hits, and F. Zaťko did not change the penalty throw. Sporta had other options to approach the opponent, but they remained unused. Kristianstad with four quick goals at the start of the final ten minutes (24:17) has finally decided on the fate of the duel, which eventually won 28:21.

    Martin Lipták (coach Hlohovca): “We defeated the Kristianstad in defensiveness, but the difference was the difference in the game of clubs. We had problems to crack down on the defensive of the hosts, we did not create good shooting positions and suffered from the wings and pivots, and we were missing today in the middle of the semifinals, losing to seven goals in Sweden did not reflect the course of the duel.The opponent was better to play in the sum of the doubles of 14 goals but it is a lot to me. “

    Ola Lindgren (coach of Kristianstad): ” In the first half we had a lot of the excluded, the home team got into the two-goal lead, which was dangerous. Then, again, we picked up the reins of the duel into our hands and controlled it until the end. “

    Samuel Mažár (Hlohovca): ” We did not talk about the retaliation before the retaliation, but at home we are they wanted to win. In the first half we did, we were winning, but the ball is a goal.We were staying at the chance, we lost a few corners, allowing our opponent to shoot simple goals from rapid counterattacks. We were in the defense, but it did not happen again in the attack. “