Hero Barak was moved after his debut

Representative debutants have been successful in the Czech national team recently. Michael Krmencik scored against Norway in the first match, against Antonin Barak, who scored a 1-1 draw against Denmark. After the game, he was very moved, just like his father, a coach at youth teams.

“Dad was moved and I too. “Barak said in an interview with journalists.

Last season, he was still hosting the second league Vlasim. A year ago he moved from Příbram to Slavia, where he did not play too much in the summer. With the arrival of coach Jaroslav Šilhavý he began to enter in the basic set and performances he said about the invitation to the national team.And he just scored a goal at the first start.

“It listens beautifully, it’s upside down but I have to realize the reality I have to work hard and make up one hundred percent, But it can be quickly changed, but the fame may quickly disappear, but I will do my best to keep it, “said a 21-year-old midfielder.

So far he has only been in youth representation but in many absences The coach Karel Jaroli decided to put his chance in the basic set. And at eight o’clock, Barak pulled from the distance and netti vedonlyönti thanks to the flow, the defender opened the score.

“The goal was definitely on the goal but the goalman was obviously confused. .I do not know if it would be a goal even without the flow, “Barák said.

The joy of the goal did not spoil even the chamber atmosphere at the stadium in Mladá Boleslav where there were 1700 fans.

It was just a friendly match, but incredibly valuable and emotionally great for me. I would enjoy it, even if there was nobody here at all. Goal for representation is always counted. I do not know how much I’ll online vedonlyönti give them for my life. For me, it’s a success that I got here at all, “said Barak.

He was very active in the match and he was trying to direct Bořek Dočkal to the Czech offensive. He tried to help new boys. He had a lot of balloon and he did very well.He is an over-average player in the Czech Republic, and I tried to at least somewhat cope with him and drag the combination with him, “he wrote.

He admitted that the match was more demanding than the youth teams. “Player quality is somewhere else. For example, Lasse Schöne, who I know a bit, is a type of player who is not running at the age of twenty-one. I had to pay close attention to him. The quality was bigger, even the pace. I had to be more cautious, “he added.

He and his teammates made fun of the fact that the current five players of Slavia took part in the match. ” Besides, we include Mark Suchy. We said that once we make a whole eleven of Slavia.It is a great success for the club and it is obvious that Slavia is not the wrong way, which coach Jarolím can appreciate, Barak said.

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