Hantuch transferred to Brisbane for a quarterfinal

Brisbane. Slovak tennis player Daniela Hantuchova fought for the quarterfinals at the WTA tournament in Brisbane, Australia ($ 655,000).

In the second round, Italian coach Claudio Pistolesi gave advice to US midfielder Vaniou King in 2:13 h after a 4: 6, 6: 2, 6: 3 three-match battle and adjusted the balance with this opponent 6: 0th

In the quarter-final they will start against the winner of the match between Serena Williams and Srbka Bojana Jovanovska. The Queensland metropolis already has a $ 16,000 premium and 120 WTA World Rankings.

Hantuch has been able to turn Brisbane for the second time, and for the fourth time she has won the career of Dominica Cibulka for the fourth time.In the quarter-finals probably against Serene

“I’m very proud of the victory over King, it’s a great gift for men’s sake, today’s match was very demanding because Vania was born out of qualifying, playing very fast and making minimal unforgivable errors. It was the best and even the best of our previous mutual battles. I had to play even better than Dominica Cibulka to break the resistance of the tough rival.The conditions were very challenging today, the court was very warm, but I could manage to do it even though the two-hour marathon will give a man a break, “said TASR Hantuchova.

In the quarterfinals the Hantuchova fight with the former world The Serena Williams unit, to which Slovakia is already very pleased.

“I expect Serena to overcome Jovanovská on Wednesday and I will start against it in the quarter. I could not even ask how to play the season against a player of this caliber. It will be another great test for me. I have absolutely nothing to lose, I will not be under any pressure. We go to each match to win and otherwise it will not be in the duel with Serena.It would be great to play in Brisbane for at least two games, “added Hantuchova, who has a negative of 1: 8 with the younger of the six. Williams has a negative balance of 1: 8. Hantuch did not start the match with King when Twice lost to the game and King made a 5: 2 lead, but the Slovakian double still dropped to 4: 5, but the American in the tenth game did not miss the ball in the service.

In the second round, Hantuch improved returnees in the fourth The eighth gem broke the King’s filing and won it clearly in his favor, the decisive factor was the struggle for each ball.In Tilden’s gem, Hantuch turned away four brejkbaly, in the next game won the King’s service and in his own filing he then struck the match to a successful end. 5: 3 converted the first mebbala immediately.