Drummers to represent? We would rather encourage the boiler, says their boss

Not a single viewer caught it on Sunday. During the qualifying match of the Czech Republic with Northern Ireland (0: 0), most of all, a group of drummers was heard in Letná, and you did not hear from home fans. In addition, the players had a weaker visit than expected. “It’s a pity we’d like to get people into the boil,” Tokhi’s drummer says in an interview for iSport.com.

One thing is clear.If the Summer Band of Drummers, which is called Groove Army, was not on Sundays, you would only hear guest guests. “The domestic boiler was practically just us and one loyal fan who also walks with a drum on every match,” he laughs Tokhi.

His team is a partner of the league that hires her. “But it is not so if the Germans now offer us a job, then we will jump. We are especially proud Czechs and fans of our representation. I myself played football and I love him very much, “says drummer leader. But he acknowledges that the atmosphere during the match was not perfect. “Definitely not. We are happy for every fan who comes to the stadium, but on Sunday it was known that they came to watch, not to cheer.The tribunals were practically unconnected. We have tried everything possible, “he says.

The truth is that the only shout from the home series was the choir” We want a goal “in the standard situations of the Czech team. There was even a lack of traditional “Who does not jump, it is not Czech”.

So during the match, for example, the drum was performed by drummers such as Brazilian samba. “It’s the last option for us. We would rather support a filled boiler, but it was not there. We did not want the stadium to be silent, because that’s why the club hires us. It’s our job, “Tokhi recalls.

The experienced musician and his band know well that in the Czech Republic, the representation is not organized. “When it’s a success, we can be the best fans.But we have no boiler to go to every match. This is missing now. And it’s not just about Prague, “he does not want to excuse himself for the match.

Tokhiko is not a newcomer to sports events. “We played at the World Ice Hockey Championships, we went to the fanzine, we were in the Olympic Park in Lipno. But engaging people is sometimes terribly difficult, “he complains. It does not take energy.

“We certainly do not want to hit it. We are in agreement with the fact that we will be also on other home qualifying matches of the football team. I understand that not everyone liked the carnival stuff. But many people also praised us on Sunday.After the match, we gave out about 300 signatures, “Tokhi commends.

Now convince people to join his group during the game. “It would be great if we managed to create a proper boiler to drive the player forward. Then samba will not be needed. I boasted the boys, they needed support. We will try to help, “concludes the drummer.

Another possibility to support Czech footballers even with Groove Army will have fans on October 11 in Vítkovice, where Czechs will welcome the next qualifying match Azerbaijan.