Boxing Battle of the Year: Tyson of Montreal invites God of War

It’s already here. One of the biggest boxing duels this year. Middleweight stars, uncompromising liquidator Genadij Golovkin and sovereign predator David Lemieux, are planning to mark Saturday’s battle among the biggest events in sports history. The famous New York City Madison Square Garden may be shaken in its foundations.

Although all the betting tips predict a win to the unbeaten champion Golovkin, it may not be so sure. Lemieux is one of the best that has so far dared to challenge the reigning king of the medium weight. And there’s no confidence in him.

“I saw what I wanted to see.I now know his shortcomings and I have a certain psychological advantage, “Lemieux said after meeting face to face at a press conference. “It is not over to meet your opponent’s eyes, you are not lying.”

Golovkin did not oppose the opponent’s words. “Yes, I’m a little scared. I am an ordinary person, not a fool. Well, maybe one percent, too, “he said, amused by three world titles. “I can understand my situation. I know it’s a hard sport, not a game. I’m afraid. Why is not he? “He added.

Kazach Golovkin has won 33 championships in the profi-box. He won knockout for thirty times, thanks to 90.9% of K.O. Holds the record in the middle scale. He was already amazed among amateurs, and in 2004 he brought a silver medal from the Olympics in Athens.He has the reputation of a fatally tough warrior, which at first glance has been tipped by few. The thirty-three-year-old smiling man with a boy’s face is almost out of the ring, but he is a non-rogue rancher among the sixteen ropes. Its main features are non-extinguishing energy, stone fists and perhaps all-resistant chin. Sometimes the rival even calls for the blows as if to make him start up.

Taking hardness taught him life. He was born in Karaganda at a time when Kazakhstan was still part of the Soviet Union. The boxing began under the guidance of his older brothers. They often walk along the streets and ask the guys out of the crowd, “Are you afraid?” When they said they did not have the ability to compare forces.Both siblings later entered the army and died in the 1990s during the war. The family never knew where their bodies were or exactly how they died. “It was really hard. Our family literally broke it, “Golovkin recalled in a dark period.

At present he is at the peak of success. This is testified by the nicknames they are called: Golden Boy, God of War. The most common is GGG, which is the acronym of Genadiy Genadijevich Golovkin.

Tyson of Montreal, so called by Golovkin’s rival Lemieux. With his attitude and hard lines of iron Mike, he really remembers. At present, it is the world’s fifth in the middle scale.He has a remarkable result: 36 matches, 34 victories, including 31 knockouts.

He was a battler ever since. Father (Lemieux never knew the real father) had directed him to the box. He is a darling to Canada, much like hockey players Mario and Claude Lemieux. “My name is the perfect name for hockey, but I always loved fighting. Collective sports are not for me. “

It has the visage of a stormy rebel. First of all, he is proud of his son and daughter. Instinct often publishes family photos full of paternal love. However, most of the commentary on the posts is GGG.

Fans of the boxing can not wait for an extraordinary match. This is a great evening on Saturday, which will definitely be worth it.